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YT Global Forum 2018

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In December Paris, France hosted the Youth Time International Movements fourth annual Youth Global Forum. The diversity of the world was on show as distinguished guests, experts and participants from over forty nations gathered to discuss Impact Investment & the Role of Entrepreneurs. This three day forum saw attendants participate in various workshops, masterclasses and key-note speeches from the some of the world’s foremost experts in the field. The event culminated with fifteen project presenters getting the chance to showcase their projects with one ultimately winning the coveted Youth Time Idea grant to turn their project into a reality!

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International movement Youth Time extended applications deadline for the Youth Global Forum 2018 to October 7th! The event will take place in Paris, France from December 2nd -6th and will gather together more than 100 participants, experts and trainers from all over the world with the aim of discussing ideas and solutions to some of the most prevalent youth issues. The topic of the annual event is Worldwide Impact Investment: the Role of Entrepreneurs”. Participation is partially funded. 

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From July 15th – 20th, Youth Time International Movement in collaboration with the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation hosted its eighth Youth International Summer School. This was to be the third event of its kind held in China. While the previous two had taken place in the capital, Beijing, the destination of choice this time around was one of the world’s most populated city and technologically advanced hub of Shanghai. As has become customary at Youth Time events, participants and experts from different countries, cultures and backgrounds travelled from all over the world to attend. A rich variety of keynotes, masterclasses, case studies and workshops took place, all centered on the event theme, “The Smart Revolution: the Interconnection between City and Society.”

What does IT offer today’s urban citizens? A group of experts from around the world discussed this simple and at the same time very broadly focused question on Day Three of the Youth International Summer School, which is being held from the 15th to the 20th of July in the city of Shanghai. Read on to find out how Smart Technology is being implemented in modern urban areas and learn about the innovations that we can expect in the near future.

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From Institutions to Technology

Could governments be replaced by governance the same way that currency could be replaced by crypto? Are we already on the way from insitutions to technology? How might those changes benefit businessand what should be considered as a potential threat? These are the questions that were discussed on Day Two of the Youth International Summer School that is being held from the 15th to the 20th of July in the city of Shanghai. Read on to find out how Smart Technology integratewith business today.

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