RYF 2013: Taulant Hoxha

EVEN­TOR is an online plat­form cre­ated by youth for youth.

Even­tor HUB is the sec­ond part of the Even­tor (online plat­form) project www​.even​tor​.info. Mis­sion of EVEN­TOR is that stu­dents and youth to have a space where they can find the needed infor­ma­tion for dif­fer­ent oppor­tu­ni­ties and events all over the world, as well as this space will be an impor­tant space which will serve dif­fer­ent peo­ple and orga­ni­za­tions to pro­mote their events and opportunities.



What’s hap­pen­ing now?

Even­tor HUB is a ded­i­cated space to inspire, con­nect and empower indi­vid­u­als and groups who want to real­ize their ideas for sus­tain­able impact. Mis­sion of the Even­tor HUB is build­ing a vibrant com­mu­nity of social activists and entre­pre­neur­ial peo­ple who work at the lead­ing edge of social inno­va­tion through col­lab­o­ra­tive action. Locally embed­ded and glob­ally con­nected.

We started to imple­ment our project from 1st Feb­ru­ary, in the very begin­ning we had some real strug­gles because the place that we were very inter­ested to rent (an old indus­trial build­ing, which is lately ren­o­vated, but at the end the main prob­lem is that this prop­erty has no owner nei­ther pub­lic insti­tu­tion or pri­vate, so this some­how ‘shaked’ a bit our enthu­si­asm. But on the con­nec­tions and dis­cus­sions we were doing since I came back from last forum, one of our pos­si­ble future sup­port­ers (Min­istry of Trade and Indus­try, depart­ment for SME and Social Enter­prises sup­port, responded and after few meet­ings they decided to sup­port us and they sug­gested to find a great spot for the hub, a loca­tion easy acces­si­ble and close to the city cen­ter (then luck­ily we found the cur­rent loca­tion which is already set up and day by day is tak­ing shape (attached pho­tos) and we have been work­ing also on our brand­ing and iden­tity which is a very impor­tant ele­ment for the HUB. The inter­est of young peo­ple and dif­fer­ent orga­ni­za­tions not just from Kosovo but also from abroad, to be part­ner our future activ­i­ties is really high, we are very excited and will­ing to col­lab­o­rate with all who fits to our pro­grams.

Last but not least we are already devel­op­ing some dis­cus­sions for the Even­tor HUB to go regional, we have some inter­ested young peo­ple from Alba­nia and Ser­bia who are very inter­ested to set up a Even­tor HUB in their coun­try (but our golden rule is: We want to make our first HUB stronger and fully active, then we will move on our mis­sion: Going Global).

For now this is what is done, lots of things hap­pen­ing here and frankly speak­ing I’m exhausted, but it’s kind of weird (for good) that I’m not feel­ing this, and this is just because that we are giv­ing our best pos­si­ble to cre­ate a place that will make people’s lives easier.

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