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Altay Summer School 2011


Metaver: Youth Time in Altay LINK
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Summer School 2014


In English
Train­ing for the global chal­lenges of tomorrow LINK


In Russian
Движение Youth time призывает учиться изменять мир к лучшему LINK
Постсоветскому пространству не хватает неформального образования и его “геймификации”: мнение LINK


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Youth Time – Mladi intelek­tu­alci iz čitavog sveta u srcu Toskane, u Sijeni LINK


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Summer School 2015


In English
Youth­Time: Get intro­duced to a new wave of youth activism! LINK
Youth Time Sum­mer School 2015: A Cat­a­lyst for Opportunity LINK
Youth Time Sum­mer School 2015: Bril­liant and Engaged Peo­ple Everywhere LINK


In Greek
Διεθνές Sum­mer School Δημοσιογραφίας στο Αμβούργο LINK
«Κρίση και Κοινωνία, ζητήματα διαχείρισης» LINK


In Serbian
#YTSum­mer – Life­time expe­ri­ence – Kako smo mi to videli! (VIDEO) LINK
Mladi iz celog sveta: Zajedno da svet bude bolje mesto LINK
Mladi da se otvore za druge kul­ture i sruše stereotipe LINK


In German
Soziales: Start-​ups und Social Entre­pre­neurs aus der ganzen Welt in Ham­burg (Focus) LINK
Soziales: Start-​ups und Social Entre­pre­neurs aus der ganzen Welt in Ham­burg (Nachrichten) LINK
Start-​ups und Social Entre­pre­neurs aus der ganzen Welt in Hamburg LINK


In Nepalese
समस्याको समाधान खोज्दै युवा LINK


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Youth Time Sum­mer School (2011)

Youth Time Summer School will take place from July 15 to 21, 2011 at the “TourSib” recreation center, in the Altai region of Russia. The school’s students will include 50 active members of the Youth Time International Movement from around the world. Classes are aimed at achieving young people the skill they need to enhance their modern life. Classes will be led by teachers who offer sequential learning to small groups of 10 students.

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Sunday, 06 January 2013 00:00

YT Summer School 2013: From Words to Deeds!

The ancient streets of the Croatian city of Dubrovnik are famous, but the primary reason is no longer the acclaimed television series Game of Thrones, which was shot there. From now on, the whole Dubrovnik area, within a radius of ten kilometers or even more, will be filled with the positive energy of forty enthusiastic young people from all over the globe, thanks to the traditional Youth Time summer school, which was held in Dubrovnik from the 21st to the 25th of June.
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