Youth Time International movement announces its 5th Youth International Global Forum. The event will bring together more than 100 young talented innovators and leaders from all around the world to discuss the most prevalent issues facing Youth today. Application call for the event will start in March.

This time participants will discuss, dissect and learn about one of the most intriguing topics we are currently facing: ‘’At the Crossroads: Industry 5.0 vs Inclusive Development: Where is the future’’?

We are rapidly moving towards a future where machines and technology are beginning to dominate the work place but how do we deal with this challenge? It seems that whether it be Education, Security, Business or Manufacturing, no aspect of society will be exempt from the continued integration of man and machine. Hence, it’s important to understand how this next Industrial revolution will apply to us so that we can ensure future development is both equal and inclusive for all of us.

Over the course of the Youth Global Forum two ideals (Industry 5.0 vs Inclusive Development) will be discussed and with the help of a diverse range of field experts and industry leaders equip youth with the necessary tools to achieve success.

Young entrepreneurs will have the chance to pitch their very own projects related to the event theme, defend it, and participate in a diverse program where different internships, scholarships and grants will be offered to transform ideas into a reality.

Moreover, these young leaders will benefit from several workshops, keynotes and masterclasses led by some of the world’s foremost experts on the matter of Industry 5.0 vs Inclusive Development.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands will provide a fitting backdrop to the Youth Global Forums 5th anniversary. This city serves a great model of social equality, technological innovation and youth participation and Youth Time International Movement would like to take advantage of its influence.

The event will be held from 2nd till 6th of December.

The Youth Global Forum will help to develop the skills necessary for you to achieve success in the future, both on professional and personal level. Do not miss the opportunity to be a part of the worldwide positive change.

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Tuesday, 12 February 2019 14:56

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In December Paris, France hosted the Youth Time International Movements fourth annual Youth Global Forum. The diversity of the world was on show as distinguished guests, experts and participants from over forty nations gathered to discuss Impact Investment & the Role of Entrepreneurs. This three day forum saw attendants participate in various workshops, masterclasses and key-note speeches from the some of the world’s foremost experts in the field. The event culminated with fifteen project presenters getting the chance to showcase their projects with one ultimately winning the coveted Youth Time Idea grant to turn their project into a reality!

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International movement Youth Time extended applications deadline for the Youth Global Forum 2018 to October 7th! The event will take place in Paris, France from December 2nd -6th and will gather together more than 100 participants, experts and trainers from all over the world with the aim of discussing ideas and solutions to some of the most prevalent youth issues. The topic of the annual event is Worldwide Impact Investment: the Role of Entrepreneurs”. Participation is partially funded. 

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Friday, 23 March 2018 10:31

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From 23rd to 27th of November, Youth Time International Movement in collaboration with the General Authority of Youth and Sports Welfare in the UAE hosted its third annual Youth Global Forum. The location for hosting the event was the cosmopolitan metropolis of Dubai with the forum bringing together experts and participants coming from a diverse range of countries and backgrounds. Attendees were exposed to a variety of innovative masterclasses and workshops which touched upon topics related to the overall theme of the event – Ethical Entrepreneurship in the Time of a Competitive Knowledge-based Economy. Further, thirteen social enterprise projects were presented by participants with one winner receiving Youth Time’s Idea Grant to convert their idea into a reality!

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